Pressure Thermal Dynamics

Pressure Thermal Dynamics (PTD), located in Moerdijk, The Netherlands is the parent company of Verolme BV (The Netherlands, Moerdijk), Schelde Exotech (The Netherlands, Vlissingen), Logan Industries International (US, Texas), and Nordic Custom (Estonia).

These four companies are all active in the field of industrial equipment manufacturing, building state-of-the-art custom machinery and high-end process equipment. The cooperation between these four companies provides geographical advantages for all the affiliated companies.

PTD team

Juul Ijzermans

Remco Vierhout

Martin Rosmolen

PTD enables the transition to renewable energy sources and contributes to energy efficiency & safety in industrial processes

Located in Netherlands

Schelde Exotech is a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer of industrial equipment. In accordance with strict quality standards, we design, manufacture, test and service sophisticated products that match the exact requirements and specifications of our clients. Schelde Exotech is active in numerous high-tech industries.
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Located in Netherlands

Verolme® is a world leader in manufacturing high-end equipment in challenging industries such as polysilicon- and the maritime industry, including an international service organization to execute high-alloy welding services for the maritime, chemical and offshore industries.
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Located in The USA

Logan Industries is a world-class equipment repair, design, manufacture and service company. We serve as your application-specific, solutions-based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), delivering innovative solutions backed by outstanding aftermarket repair, service and support, with facilities in Texas, Alabama and Louisiana.
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Located in Estonia

Nordic Custom is specialized in engineering, welding and construction of mission critical equipment (including series) in special alloys, ballistic steels, aluminum, stainless steels, with additional value- add services as laser cleaning and –welding and a large pickling facility.
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Establishment of “NV Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde”, the predecesor of Schelde Exotech

1946 & 1983

Establishment of Verolme (shipbuilding) and Verolme Special Equipment in 1983 (inhouse process equipment manufacturer)


Establishment of Logan Industries


Management buyout of Verolme Special Equipment out of Verolme


Acquisition of Verolme Special Equipment by Bencis Capital Partners


Juul Ijzermans joins as CEO and shareholder


Formation of a strategic repositioning


Acquisition of Logan Industries and incorporation of PTD


Acquisition of Schelde Exotech


New-built manufacturing facility in Houston for US process equipment market


Establishment of Nordic Custom and new built of the Nordic Custom facility in Estonia