Capabilities & Processes

The companies within the PTD-group provide its clientele with high-end, special alloy and mission critical process equipment and related parts or services.

All done under the correct circumstances, applying the right procedures, following the applicable international regulations by using state of the art welding technologies.


Locations (PTD-group)


  • Logan Industries (Headquarters) (Hempstead TX)
  • Logan Industries (Mobile AL)
  • Logan Industries (New Iberia LA)


  • Logan Asia (Singapore)


  • Verolme (Moerdijk – the Netherlands)
  • Schelde Exotech (Vlissingen – Netherlands)
  • Nordic Custom (Tallinn – Estonia)

Welding processes

The organizations affiliated with PTD are all specialized in welding exotic materials with difficult techniques and equipment.

We invested in the most advanced welding equipment and welding techniques known in the industry, which comply with the highest welding-standards to ensure the quality of our equipment. A few technologies used in the PTD-group are:

Qualifications and Certifications

The companies within the PTD-group all have different certificates relating to the environment, safety, and quality.

By means of certificates, the organizations can prove that they, and the personnel, have the right skills for certain jobs. The PTD companies have obtained the following certificates:


Logan Industries
Schelde Exotech

Nordic Custom


The companies within the PTD-group are all at par with certain standards in order to meet high-quality customer expectations.

Our companies operate according to the following standards:


Logan Industries
Noric Custom
Schelde Exotech


By combining knowledge and skills between the four affiliated PTD organizations, we are able to work with a wide spectrum of materials.

Our ability to work with many materials enables us to offer products to customers looking for equipment that can withstand extreme situations, such as extreme heat, corrosion, or pressure. The companies within the PTD group are specialized in manufacturing with following materials:


Nickel & Exotic Alloys such as:

Copper Alloys such as:


Logan Industries

Nordic Custom
Schelde Exotech


The benefit of being part of a group are the competences within the group that could be shared or even combined in order to strengthen the group’s capabilities. The collaboration of companies that each have loads of experience and knowledge strengthens the entire group. In total over 40 engineers are capable to address the design or calculation challenges in the field of mission critical process or handling equipment in exotic alloys, operating in most of the time harsh process conditions. Business philosophy of the PTD-group is targeting long lasting partnerships where relationships are a key value.