Market characteristics

Provider of mission-critical equipment to customers in niche markets.


▪ Pressure vessels & heat exchangers as mission-critical equipment
▪ Designing and fabricating equipment for enrichment of Uranium and Isotopes


▪ Produce Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR), Hydrogenation reactors, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, vaporizers, superheaters, condensers, annealing systems, and columns which are technologies used to manufacture purified, high-grade polysilicon, which is essential to produce solar panels and other electronic devices.


▪ Special Heat Exchangers (of high alloys).
▪ Alloy pressure vessels
▪ (Repair) oil gasification burners and re-tube heat exchangers
▪ Field installation and install support

Light-weight batteries

▪ Manufacture process equipment to support production of silicon anode technologies used in the EV and wearables market


▪ Manufacture complex reactors and heat exchangers for conversion of liquid ammonia to hydrogen

Oil & gas exploration

▪ Provide safety systems and upgrades to existing equipment.
▪ Repair and manufacturing of high pressure hydraulic cylinders and accumulators
▪ Design and manufacture custom handling solutions. (Machine design)


▪ Supplier to defense contractors of new submarine hull manufacturing and support equipment


▪ Supporting aeronautical companies in building specialized equipment